@GitsteelCa if you can make it we'd love to have ya! Touring, ATV, and TNL play at the cactus theater April 4th!
@GitsteelCa around the first week of may!
TNL is tonight... 7:30 in the Tom T Hall! If you don't make it, get ready for a swift kick to the mouth by Sonny!
TNL Tomorrow night @7:30 in the Tom T! Be there to jam out to some tunes! or... you will indeed be kicked... https://t.co/vi6IsSKqdG
Pickin' on the Plains is Today during lunch! If you don't show up, neither will you show hours... https://t.co/STZBH7UMKI
Pickin’ on the Plains this Tue. in the Tom T & Thurs. night, is the one & only TNL. Miss the shows this week & Sonn… https://t.co/U7C14QzCnv
Pickin' this Tuesday and TNL Thursday night in the Tom T Hall. You heard it right.
If you are here... You know how to follow instructions.. THANKS FOR THE FOLLOW! https://t.co/t0oSblc6hF
Blue Plate Special is TODAY!!! Be there at lunch, or "You can't sit with us". https://t.co/kalmajGm8q
Don't forget about the Blue Plate Special show tomorrow during lunch in the Tom T Hall!
Blue Plate Special is this coming up Tuesday during lunch, save the date.
Don’t bring your good socks because they will indeed be rocked off. Don’t miss the ATV show tonight @7:30 in the To… https://t.co/Mf5FswDk2M
“Have we got a show for you...” None of the cool kids will miss ATV in the Tom T tomorrow night @7:30... Be a cool… https://t.co/EThQJBbg5n
Don’t miss Coutry Jukebox at lunch today in the Tom T. Be there, or be square.👌🏿 https://t.co/X05Tw0bMlF
DONT FORGET THE KILLER SHOWS THIS WEEK! We have Coutry Jukebox mañana in the Tom T & ATV in the Tom T on Thursday Night.
We PROMISE that pictures from tonight will be posted soon.. but until then, here's some acoustic… https://t.co/EsiAUSpXlF
That rhythm section though.. 🎶 @morganr_11 knows how to do it all #spccreativearts @ South… https://t.co/niMbuuikyf
The video production team is ready for tonight's show! Every Commercial Music major at SPC is… https://t.co/aMpvcWrvfU
At SPC Creative Arts, the audio and video production students are in charge of the filming and… https://t.co/7uVZUZVWyn
Some of our super cool students practicing for the Creative Arts Mixer tonight! Show starts at… https://t.co/8MG9sUqZrB
Don't forget! The Creative Arts Mixer is Tuesday night, starting at 6:00 pm! Come watch some of… https://t.co/bprPUtXFrQ
Finally creating a SPC Creative Arts Instagram? We give it two thumbs up! Make sure to follow us… https://t.co/xMVC6s2z7l
The @joshabbottband has multiple former @SPCCreativeArts students, & is performing tonight, January 18th, on… https://t.co/rUJLXqLVjn
All Songs Preview CAE2016 PROMO: https://t.co/mUX6AS2fxi via @YouTube
Test Of Lungs by Tanner Lawless - CAE2016: https://t.co/tonMJ0XYfe via @YouTube
Fest Week SPRING 2016! https://t.co/Qj9ZoIrgDR
John Henny Vocal Clinic https://t.co/uBDr7K7gUi
Who Knows - Zac Brown Band - TNL Cover: https://t.co/Hey6BlWSmv via @YouTube
Country Fest - Nov. 30th! https://t.co/KMKfD1Jtnj
Praise Fest Nov. 22 @ 6pm https://t.co/LlkT9TpfGS
How to Play Calm Down Juliet - Piano Intro: http://t.co/e3gMqBZurW via @YouTube
TNL at the Radio Station last week. http://t.co/I4zkWt43Jq
LIVE on #Periscope: World-famous drummer ZORO clinic @ South Plains College!!! https://t.co/KXqmu2Oowv
ZORO in the HOUSE!!! http://t.co/ib8k1r6KPh
Rich Redmond (drummer for Jason Aldean) Here Soon! http://t.co/9Z9rcqArFx
LIVE on #Periscope: LIVE Music @ SPC Now! Faculty Mixer Night!!! https://t.co/70Ecib2Ja8
Cary and I talking about the Creative Arts Experience 2015 http://t.co/99kYPzvEKR
Documentary of the May release. CAE. http://t.co/YrG2pyJGaP
Jay Lemon - Touring Ensemble 20 Years! http://t.co/s0HaVQeDZ2
CD Release Party May 2015 http://t.co/uZityzc8X4
CAE2015 - Creative Arts Experience 2015 is on it's way! Release Party is May 7th in the Tom T. Hall. http://t.co/pNbr2jhK6z
Good thing we have a ninja in our staff... http://t.co/ok5kHZrBi1
TNL and Touring 20yrs - ATV 15yrs http://t.co/7d88F57b0B
Thanks @ChessBoxerMusic for the amazing music today in the @SPCCreativeArts department! #mindblown
Alumnus Justin Robinett on Billboard http://t.co/oTb32MFdKB
Alumnae Play the Grand Ole Opry http://t.co/rYGjg1OX0h
World Famous Vocal Instructor Here Today http://t.co/9P4mN2i0pm
TNL Radio this morning. Show tomorrow 3.12.15. http://t.co/9j54biixuC
Seminar Week Spring 2015 http://t.co/Gre53ys3do
More recording and nonsense. http://t.co/0N7fjEPPfn
Working on some new recordings! http://t.co/p21trsjgFS
Spring 2015 Auditions http://t.co/PzZQLTzmWU
Sharpen your pencils because school is almost back! Wait...do we even sharpen pencils anymore? #oldschool #leadpoisoning #poke
@onstagesuccess I can't choose!
Awesome to spend some time with some great people this week! @jasonwyattmusic @bram_rocks @jrodfromoz
Gaining wisdom from @jrodfromoz right now in the Tom T. Hall.
Speed up your career. #makeitcount @bram_rocks http://t.co/yhD8nVqNnO
RT @leeannwomack: Playing w @delmccouryband, @trvnmccourys & my good friend #RonnieBowman. Talk about #ibma2014 magic http://t.co/aSOvGajtMe
Great songwriter and producer here this morning, Jason Wyatt. #lyricsandchords @Andrew_Beason @JustinRobinett
Learning about Copyright Law right now. #important @bram_rocks @ChrisHudgins
Everybody come to SPC's last concert of the year! Rock Fest starts at 6pm tonight in the Tom T. Hall!
Come check out Groove Fest tonight in the Tom T. at 6!!!
RT @ChrisHudgins: Students did so well w/ 'Beautiful Things' in the radio promo for tonight, we're adding it to Praise Fest! @michaelgun ...
Come out to Praise Fest tonight! 6:00 in the Tom T. Hall!!!
Ya like bluegrass? Get ready for Pickin' On The Plains, part of our lunch time series, at 12:15 next Tuesday! Right in our own Tom T. Hall.
World Class Bluegrass band Druha Trava is here from the Czech Republic! Tuesday, Nov 8th, 7 pm. Tom T. Hall Production Studio!
Our new site is up! Check it out! http://t.co/29Jy875R
Be sure to come to SPC on the 10th for a special show - the 80's tribute band and the Beatles tribute band!!! 7 o'clock. Be there.
Be sure to make it on Thursday for AlternaTV @ 8:00 pm. Special guests 'A Road Less Traveled' will be putting on a great show too!
E'rbody come to Pickin' On The Plains at lunch today!
RT @ChrisHudgins: I'm so excited to be working at South Plains College! The instructors here are amazing! Next week is clinic week and I ...
What are you doing with your life? Come study Music or Sound Technology with us. Our goal is to get you out and workin' in The Biz!
Come on in to the Tom T. Hall tomorrow at 12:15 pm for Pickin' On The Plains. It's a great lunchtime event!!!!!
Back To School

Welcome back to school, everyone! We have a great semester planned!

Fest Week SPRING 2016!

LEVELLAND – South Plains College’s Creative Arts department will host Fest Week May 2-5 in the Tom T. Hall Production Studio. Each night of the festival will showcase different music ensembles. 

...read more
John Henny Vocal Clinic

John is internationally renowned as a "teacher of teachers."  He has trained hundreds of voice teachers through master classes and his online Voice Teacher Bootcamps.

...read more
Country Fest - Nov. 30th!

Starts at 6pm!  Watch live at http://livestream.com/spccreativearts

SPC to host Fest Week Sunday through Dec. 3 in Tom T. Hall Studio

LEVELLAND – South Plains College’s Creative Arts department will host Fest Week from Sunday (Nov. 22) through Dec. 3 in the Tom T. Hall Production Studio. Each night of the festival will showcase different music ensembles.

...read more