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The Creative Arts Department offers student musicians and technicians a nationally acclaimed opportunity to participate in an array of music training and performance experiences. The department offers four technical programs which prepare students for technical careers in the music entertainment industry and in design communications. These programs include Commercial Music, Design Communication, Sound Technology, Live Sound and Video Production Technology.

Back To School

Welcome back to school, everyone! We have a great semester planned!

Fest Week SPRING 2016!

LEVELLAND – South Plains College’s Creative Arts department will host Fest Week May 2-5 in the Tom T. Hall Production Studio. Each night of the festival will showcase different music ensembles. 

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John Henny Vocal Clinic

John is internationally renowned as a "teacher of teachers."  He has trained hundreds of voice teachers through master classes and his online Voice Teacher Bootcamps.

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Jerrod Niemann - Lover Lover
No upcoming dates yet, stay tuned.
@GitsteelCa if you can make it we'd love to have ya! Touring, ATV, and TNL play at the cactus theater April 4th!
@GitsteelCa around the first week of may!
TNL is tonight... 7:30 in the Tom T Hall! If you don't make it, get ready for a swift kick to the mouth by Sonny!
TNL Tomorrow night @7:30 in the Tom T! Be there to jam out to some tunes! or... you will indeed be kicked... https://t.co/vi6IsSKqdG
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