CAE 2015 Alexandra Porter

5 “Captains Little Siren”

Writer: Israel Gonzales and Alexandra Porter
Vocals: Israel Gonzales, Alexandra Porter
Guitar: Jaysen Owens, Mark Wallney
Mandolin: Bryce Jordan
Ukulele: Israel Gonzales
Accordion: Wade McNutt
Engineered and Mixed by: Wade McNutt, Dolf Guardiola and Reina Capano
Produced by: Wade McNutt


6 “Crazy Weather”

Writer: Rian Castillo
Lead Vocal: Rian Castillo
Background Vocals: Eric LaMascus and Brianna Ross
Piano: Cary Banks
Steel Guitar: Steve Williams
Bass: Mariano Cordero
Drums and Percussion: Stephen Constancio
Acoustic Guitar: Eric LaMascus and Steve Williams
Electric Guitar: Mike Carraway
Fiddle: Ed Marsh
Mandolin: Bryce Jordan
Engineered and Mixed by: John Godino
Produced by: Steve Williams

Mastered by: Dolf Guardiola
Executive Producer: Wade McNutt
Graphic Art: Tommy Pendergrass

CAE 2015 - Wade and Cary

1 “Civil and Sadistic”

Writer: James Van Sluyters
Lead Vocals, Pre-production and Sequencing: James Van Sluyters
Electric Guitar: Chris Hudgins
Vocals, Bass and Percussion: Chris Hudgins
Engineered by: Joe Martinez and Stuart Moody
Mixed by: Chris Neal
Producer: Chris Hudgins and James Van Sluyters


2 “Something about that Girl”

Writer: Eric LaMascus
Vocals: Eric LaMascus, Chris Hudgins
Bass: Chris Hudgins
Electric Guitar: Adam Urbanczyk
Drums: Johnathan Cristan
Engineered and Mixed by: Joseph Rodriquez
Producer: Chris Hudgins

7 “Rubber Band”

Writer: Alexandra Porter
Vocals: Monique Hernandez
Bass: Mariano Cordero
Electric Guitar: Boone Wheeler
Drums: Dillon Estrada
Keyboard/Organ: Jay Lemon
Engineered and Mixed by: Matthew Jones
Further Mixing by: Stuart Moody
Producer: Jay Lemon


8 “Flames”

Writer: Clayton Farhat
Vocals and Guitar: Clayton Farhat
Synth: Wade McNutt
Engineered and Mixed by: Garrett Neeley, Wade McNutt and Dolf Guardiola
Produced by: Clayton Farhat, Garrett Neeley and Wade McNutt

CAE 2015 - All Songs Preview
Crazy Weather by Rian Castillo - Music Video by Tod Stinson

3 “25 Dollars”

Writer: Chris Allbright
Vocals: Chris Allbright, Chris Neal
Steel Guitar and Electric Guitar: Steve Williams
Bass: Mariano Cordero
Piano: Wade McNutt
Drums: Stephen Constancio
Acoustic Guitar: Chris Allbright
Engineered and Mixed by: Chris Neal and Alfredo Lopez
Produced by: Chris Neal and Alfredo Lopez


4 “Turning Pages”

Writer: Monique Hernandez
Vocals: Monique Hernandez, Bryce Jordan, Wade McNutt
Programing and Synth: Wade McNutt
Rap: T-Jay Graves
Electric Guitar: Trent Dailing
Engineered and Mixed by: Ryan Morgan
Produced by: Wade McNutt

Studio Time Spring 2015 Civil and Sadistic

9 “Seagraves”

Writer: Aaron Smith
Vocals, Drums, Guitars, Bass and Glock: Aaron Smith
Trumpet: Nic Schute
Engineered and Mixed by: Jacob Blair
Produced by: Aaron Smith


10 “When You’re Around”

Writer: Sarah Beasley
Vocals: Sarah Beasley and Bryce Jordan
Bass: Mariano Cordero
Drums: Stephen Constancio
Acoustic Guitar: Sterling Masat
Electric and Slide Guitar: Steve Williams
Engineered and Mixed by: Ryan Ramirez
String Arrangement & Producer by: Ed Marsh


11 “If this is Love”

Writer: Desiree Villarreal
Lead Vocals: Bethany Borba
Harmony Vocals: Cary Banks
Bass: Mariano Cordero
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Organ: Cary Banks
Drums: Johnathan Cristan
Keyboard: Rian Castillo
Engineered and Mixed by: Anne Butt
Producer: Cary Banks